Securing Critical Networks.

Detect. Identify. Solve.


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Cybersecurity with Deep Observability

Because every packet counts!


NANO Corp has designed a next-generation NDR (Network Detection and Response) built on patented technology, providing unparalleled visibility into traffic across all your networks: the n.Scope! 


An essential component of the SOC triad, NDR is the necessary complement to EDR and SIEM. It allows you to maintain control over your attack surface, ensuring that no threats go unnoticed.

By deploying fleets of probes, from the core to the edge, on-premise or in the cloud, n.Scope NDR provide real-time detections and alert thanks to artificial intelligence  trained on previously inaccessible events.




We can’t protect what we can’t see

  • Deep observability for enhanced cybersecurity

    Effortlessly deploy bleeding-edge, lightweight, and scalable network probes. Collect, sift and detect weak signals of attacks in all your environments!
  • Ai

    AI-driven threat detection

    From lateral movements to data exfiltration, from brute force attacks to zero-day exploits, harness the power of AI for automated detection.
  • Network attack signal evidence

    Whether for troubleshooting, forensic analysis or evidence collections, ensure you have the right data to answer all questions.

Why our clients chose NANO Corp

Our solution adapts to all organizations, of all shapes and sizes, across all industries. 

Your security, like our software probes, knows no bounds.




  • Industry & Finance

    To make sure clients see everything, eliminate blind spots, and control their attack surface. From audit to production, NANO Corp. contributes to the compliance of the most sensitive networks.
  • MSSP

    To detect and help mitigate threats that bypass traditional security controls, thanks to real time network behavior analysis. NANO Corp. provides an essential component to all security posture.
  • CSP, ISP & Telco

    For its ability to deploy as many probes as needed while controlling costs. Because clients are charged only for the value it brings to protect infrastructure, NANO Corp. provides one solution for all types of networks.
  • Insurers, Auditors

    To automatically map the infrastructure, estimate the risks and obtain irrefutable evidence in case of an incident or attack. NANO Corp. observes, alerts and captures in real time all events regardless of the network or throughput.

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