Hybrid Network Security & Monitoring

IT infrastructure is changing, always. From on-premise to the cloud, from server to edge, computer to IoT. One segment still remains constant: the network.

At NANO Corp we keep the network visible, understandable, operational and secure through an innovative technology made accessible for everyone.

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  • Full Visibility
  • Up to 100Gbit/s
  • Software
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In an ever-changing world and IT environment, the network that links machines and people together must be protected by the best in technology and expertise. NANO Corp is dedicated to providing the most advanced solutions to defend what unites us.


To secure hybrid infrastructure within the zero trust framework, we call that Zero Trust Network Traffic analysis.

Provide total observability regardless of the complexity of the IT infrastructure.


Benefits from a NOCaaS with small COTS hardware and lower maintenance costs
Get ahead of network interruptions and its impact on business by monitoring the physical and cloud networks of your customers
Improve responsiveness and mean time to resolution for service interruptions in accordance with SLAs
Avoid long diagnostic interventions and the associated travel costs of your technicians
Bring added value in terms of cybersecurity and forensics, thanks to a complete capture and analysis of the flow
Provide the right consulting services to your clients based on tailor-made Dashboards

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Cloud-based network security & monitoring for hybrid infrastructures now comes bundled with every features you need!

Monitoring & Alerts

Quickly identify and solve a wide range of network and computer issues with the help of the best network monitoring solution on the market. Turn all its powerful capacities into comprehensive, detailed and filterable maps of your networks.

Overcome all the limitations of solutions traditionally restricted to the use of SNMP or NetFlow and gain in productivity with detailed traffic management features like statistics per device and performance monitoring of network QoS on all protocols (and not just TCP or UDP).

Stay informed of all events having an impact on the performance and health of your networks with powerful and accurate alerts. Observe changes in behaviour thanks to automatic flow mapping of your infrastructures.

Use performance measurements and analysis, alerts and data visualization of your WAN and LAN networks to ensure all your IT infrastructures are running properly.

Security & Forensic

Get the best snapshot of your overall network and take advantage of NANO Corp.’s patented network analysis technology, offering you all the information you need to strengthen security for all your IT infrastructures.

Detect anomalies only visible by analysing network flows and investigate any behavioural changes to your servers or your IoT fleet. Stay informed of any new device or malicious scans on your network, even ephemeral.

Take full advantage of a lightweight and powerful network probe and expand your security perimeter by boosting all your cyber protection tools. SIEMs, SOAR and XDR will become much more efficient if they are helped by the network data provided by the NANO Corp solution.

And by capturing your network traffic, you will also be able to provide all relevant network traces your SOC or CERT in the event of an incident!

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Meet our network security experts right nowContact us
  • Full Visibility
  • Up to 100Gbit/s
  • Software
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