You can’t secure what you don’t see!

Thanks to a light-footprint and ground-breaking passive network probe, we offer to MSPs and SOCs the only solution giving them total visibility of the network. Formerly reserved to a niche market, network probes make it possible to gain in competitiveness, to improve remediation efficiency and to significantly increase cyber protection of their customers.

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  • Full Visibility
  • Up to 100Gbit/s
  • Software


Cloud-based network security & monitoring for hybrid infrastructures now comes bundled with every features you need!

  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Management & Scalability

Monitoring & Alerting

Unlimited device monitoring

Unlimited monitoring of all your devices on all your networks, either physical or virtual.

Network performance monitoring

Visualization and alerting for significant changes and performance degradation of your networks

Custom business dashboards

Real-time monitoring of all network data through sortable and classifiable business visualization.

Management of layer 2 to 7 protocols

The probe analyzes all the network protocols on your networks, tunnel or multiplexed protocols included as well as all management protocols such as ICMP, DHCP, LLDC, ARP or CDP, of course.

Visualization of application flows

Detailed monitoring of user behaviours to help you better plan your deployment and maintenance policies.

Easy data export

Export all the information extracted from your networks to import them into your application suites, in different formats.

Data history

All the metadata are stored and aggregated so that you can explore them to help you with troubleshooting or reporting.

Advanced data searches

Granular exploration of your network data history thanks to advanced and easy-to-use filters.

Personalized IoT monitoring

Thanks to advanced management of your business data, benefit from enriched data-visualisation of all IoT fleets.

Supervision of private / external IPs

Monitoring all IP addresses on the network, regardless of their origin, and traceability of their network flows.

Virtual network supervision (VLAN, VxLAN)

The probe is capable of viewing through all multi-VLAN / VxLAN subnets and extracting all of the most relevant information.

Tunnel / VPN monitoring

Access to a clear representation of all tunnelled network flows and VPNs.

Visualization of anomalies

With advanced filters and business visualization contexts, it is possible to quickly detect network malfunctions thanks to flow analysis and automatic network mapping.

Automatic network mapping

Intuitive visualization of your flows thanks to intelligent and innovative automatic mapping of your network assets through its data streams.

Integrated device topology

Intuitive navigation in the network architecture of your devices in detailed network topology visualizations.


Access to detailed and frequent reports on the health of your networks.

Bottleneck detection

Quickly detect and locate bottlenecks in your data transfers across all your network.

Alerts on your DNS problems

Quick detection of DNS problems.


Zero Trust

Far from the stateful protocol analysis models of firewalls and IDS/IPS, the NANO Corp probe was designed to analyse all network packets without compromise.

your SIEM

Generating the logs for SIEM will improve its detection capabilities with all the network data it lacks.

Integration with SOAR / xDR

Often forgotten by cyber threat detection platforms, our probe will easily integrate into any system.

PCAP Recording

Enhance your forensic detection capabilities or save your SOC or CERT precious time by performing intelligent network data recordings.

Detection of unknown devices

Quick alerts when new or unknown devices appear on your networks.

Unusual behaviour of devices

With Machine Learning, get alerts when some of your devices / machines behave in an unusual way on your networks.

Non-encrypted connection

Visualization and detection of non-encrypted connections of machines on your network.

Data leak detection

Get alerts when corporate noticeable volume of data is being download from your devices (NAS, Servers, etc.) to outside your network.

Scan detection of your networks

Receive real-time alerts when devices, internal or external, are scanning your networks.

Intrusion attempts in your network

Get alerts during repeated attempts to connect to devices or services on your network.

Detection of malicious IP addresses

Generate alerts when devices on your network connect to potentially malicious external IP addresses.

Management & Scalability

Multi-tenant solution

Allow your system administrators to monitor multiple traffic capture points from one centralized location.

Hardware independence

Recycle any of your computers, we provide the software probe and NIC drivers, and all your data will be sent to your server of choice.

SaaS or on-premises mode

Centralize the management of network data on your servers or from your IT infrastructure.


The solution, invisible on your network, does not require any configuration step after connecting it to your network.

Multi-user management

Manage your team members by assigning them roles and responsibilities.

Multi-source management

Support the deployment of several probes in the same network to increase the granularity of your analyses.


The solution can be integrated with your software stack, such as Datto, to retrieve information from your IT assets or to report alerts.

Configurable alerts

Set your detection thresholds for some of the alerts.

Detection and classification of new devices

detection and automatic enrichment of information on your devices.

Meet our network security experts right nowContact us
  • Full Visibility
  • Up to 100Gbit/s
  • Software
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