NANO Corp. passed Spirent’s technical tests with flying colors!

Deeper, Faster, Leaner

Prior to its fundraising, our company had another significant milestone: having our protocol analysis engine evaluated and validated by the leading global test and assurance solutions provider, Spirent Communications!

Long story short, and as Spirent said it best:

We conducted multiple tests to evaluate and conduct stress performance across L2 to L7 with 100Gbit/s connectivity. The aim was to validate that the performance adhered to the strict criteria of no dropped packets, transaction errors or protocol detection errors, and the NANO CORP system performed with distinction.

Spirent’s South EMEA Sales Director, Bruno Denjean

Our main objectives were to demonstrate that contrary to common belief, a new-generation protocol analysis engine can and should be developed for CPU (x86 & ARM alike) as it is the easiest solution to deploy and maintain. And what better way to test drive our engine than through the harshest trials possible as only Spirent can deliver.

As such, we purposefully chose to make it run on the most standardized computer we could find: a 32-core AMD Threadripper, equipped with only 64GB RAM, which is not a server-type processor, and no custom designed acceleration chips (neither FPGA, nor ASIC or GPU were used) to help the microprocessor.
We tested our protocol analysis engine on a fully loaded 100Gbit/s connectivity for a variety of protocols (L2/L7). And we were able to meet those requirements without suffering from errors or packet loss.

To give you a taste of what our engine can do, here are some examples:

  • To showcase its capabilities on L2/L3 layers, the engine was able to analyze precisely, with a high session rate and without any fault such complex protocol header chains as: Ethernet (4 VLANs) / MPLS / Ethernet (1 VLAN) / MPLS / MPLS / PW CW / Ethernet (No VLAN) / IP / UDP
  • It never dropped a single packet at sustained 100Gbit/s
  • At lower network layers, line rate analysis has been confirmed with a high new sessions per second rate of over 13,400,000.
  • At application layer, testing demonstrated the engine’s capability to properly identify various application sessions at the tester maximum capacity capability*: 750,000 new sessions per second. 950,000 new sessions per second have also easily been achieved by the NANO Protocol Analysis System with simple application traffic.

If you want to know more, or the Spirent Report, just get in touch!

By leveraging this new core technology and being able to get such reliable results at 100Gbit/s on layers 2 to 7, our company is the only one to offer full visibility of complex networks relying heavily on virtualization and automated orchestration!

This achievement is the first step in giving back network visibility to cloud service providers, telecom operators and datacenter operators!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks if you want to know more about our product lineup and don’t hesitate to share with us your feedback or your needs!

*Spirent couldn’t push to more sessions per seconds that day and as such, couldn’t reach out engine’s maximum capabilities.

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