Network Operation Center as-a-Service

Thanks to its high performance software probes, NANO Corp offers a new approach to network traffic analysis, simpler, more flexible, as a service.

The plateform helps monitor network performance and protect critical devices and applications on-premises and in the cloud.

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  • Monitoring
  • Cybersecurity
  • Performance

The secured operation of cyber environments relies on the protection of three fundamental sets.

  • Humans
  • Machines
  • Networks uniting them


NANO Corp’s technology is the only one to provide IT infrastructure managers the level of control needed over increasingly complex networks that cannot suffer from interruptions or security issues!

  • Capabities
    Take full advantage of a level of supervision and security long reserved for network and telecommunications operators
  • Simplicity
    Deftly manage the proliferation of increasingly complex IT and OT infrastructures
  • Scalability
    Hold back on the flood of IoTs in businesses and stamp down on all visibility issues accompanying them
  • Flexibility
    Solve problems caused by the growing entanglement between proprietary and open source solutions in businesses

Monitoring and securing any type of network from a wide range of threats.

Network traffic analysis “as a service” is the ideal solution for IT service providers, ESNs, MSPs and companies that need to monitor complex hybrid networks.

  • Benefit from a fully software-based monitoring solution, compatible with all types of IT infrastructures
  • Anticipate interruptions and associated business impacts by monitoring your customers’ various physical and cloud networks
  • Improve responsiveness and resolution time for service interruptions in accordance with SLAs
  • Avoid expensive diagnostic interventions and associated travel costs for your technicians
  • Add value in terms of cybersecurity and forensics, thanks to a complete capture and analysis of the flow
  • Provide the right consulting services to your customers based on the reality of the networks through dedicated business dashboards

Key features

Targeted and contextualized alerts (no alert storm),
Real-time analysis of all network flows,
Automatic mapping of networks through their flows,
Visibility on all tunnels and virtual networks (VLAN, MPLS),
Network health status (TCP monitoring, DHCP, DNS),
Detection of plateux and bottlenecks,
Advanced network cybersecurity features,
Integration with fleet management tools and cyber SIEM/SOAR tools.


Managed services provider

Managing the network of a customer with a complex infrastructures due to the presence of multi-generational equipment and multiple providers is a daily challenge. This challenge, multiplied by each customer acquisition, can quickly become the main obstacle to your growth. In order to ensure the smooth running of your customers’ IT infrastructures, physical or cloud, and help them improve their performance and security, the platform will be your most effective and efficient solution.

  • Supervision and automatic mapping of your customers’ networks
  • Detection and alerts on all security problems
  • History and investigation of networks over time
  • Improves the performance of services provided to yur customers
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A revolutionary technology for all

With network traffic analysis “as a service”, benefit from the same level of supervision and security long reserved for network and telecommunications operators with heavy infrastructures and large volumes of data. Face the increasing complexity of your IT infrastructures, the spread of enterprise IoT or the growing intertwining of proprietary and open source solutions with peace of mind!

NANO Corp. technology is the only one to offer IT infrastructure managers the control of increasingly complex networks that cannot suffer from interruptions, performance failures and even less from security problems!

One software, one platform

The solution, allows to centralize network monitoring in the cloud, gathering and exploiting metadata from different physical or virtual networks.

The platform allows to be informed and alerted on a whole set of network events usually invisible and potentially damaging.

What makes NANO Corp different ?

  • A patented technology that offers a total and revolutionary observability on the entire network
  • The absence of hardware dependency, our network analysis suite can be installed on any type of hardware, which leaves the customer free to keep the control and consistency of his IT park.
  • The ability to monitor all network flows, from 1Gbit/s to 100Gbit/s, from IoT to core network, in a small footprint.
  • Access to a rare expertise (either in service mode, or thanks to the tools, which are a condensation of 20 years of network expertise).
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  • Full Visibility
  • Up to 100Gbit/s
  • Software
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